Medical Detox: Why Some Addicts Need It

Some addicts experience a lot of withdrawal symptoms during detox which is a medical detox is necessary. Detox should not be something that scares an addict but it does. So it’s normal for an addict to experience fear going into and through detox. If you don’t know how your body will react then you are going to worry about what lies ahead of during the three day detoxification.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy: Talking Through It

The reason after detox that addicts go through  alcohol addiction therapy is to understand the reasons behind why they drink. An addict using alcohol as a coping mechanism for things he or she cannot deal with in their everyday life.  There can be a number of reasons behind why an addict drinks. First it was just a rite of passage college fun that turned into something more serious. There could be a painful memory they’re trying to suppress like a rape of childhood molestation. There are any number of reasons why an addict abuses alcohol. It’s the job the rehab to help them figure out why.

Addiction Therapy: Opening Up For The First Time

Opening up for the first time can be something that an addict isn’t used to when it comes to addiction therapy treatment. There is a host of different ways that an addict may respond to therapy. They may be reluctant to talk at all. They may be really open to it and a water works of emotion may pour out of them. It’s really hard to tell until you get them in the hot seat and start asking them questions. So addicts are not in rehab by choice but by force. Either there family wouldn’t stop pushing until they entered or a judge in their case ordered them to go.

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