Alcohol Detox: Starting From Scratch

Starting from scratch is what alcohol detox can sometimes feel like. If your addiction runs really deep you might feel like you are starting over once you come out of detox. You’re not the same person. You aren’t quite your old self yet but you aren’t that other person either. In fact you haven’t been sober and had a clear though in so long it’s weird to come through that and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can be an overwhelming experience.

A 3 Month Rehab: Feeling Like They’ll Move On Without You

It’s normal to enter a 3 month rehab and feel like the world outside of rehab is going to move on and forget about you. While three months can seem like a really long time to be away, sometimes it’s the amount of time that you need to get sober and be well again. If people forget about you chances are there really wasn’t a good enough bond/ friendship to begin with.

Drug Addiction Center: It’s About Putting In The Hard Work

Putting in the hard work is what will make the difference in a drug addiction center between recovery and relapse. An addict needs to be committed to the program and willing to do that work it takes to get clean and stay clean. That means opening up in therapy and listening to what the staff and counselors are telling the addict about themselves and their recovery process. It also means being honest about their addiction and the things that they did while under the influence of drugs.

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