Alcohol Detox: Seeing You In The Mirror Again

Seeing yourself in the mirror again after an alcohol detox is the first step for an addict toward recovery. It’s great that your friends and family can finally take a step back and not spend every hour of their day worrying about you. Knowing that you are getting the help that you need from an institution that knows a lot about the disease makes all the difference. What’s most important though is not that they recognize you but that you recognize yourself.

Addiction Treatments: When You Aren’t Sure What’s Wrong

When you aren’t sure what’s wrong addiction treatments are there to help you put the puzzle back together. Sometimes drug and alcohol problems get so out of control that the addict doesn’t know where they took the left turn and when the left turn happened. It’s not always about answering that question but there are questions that need to be answered for the addict to be able to know the next time something sets them off, why it set them off and what they can do so that, that set off doesn’t turn into an all night alcohol or drug binge.

Living Sober: It’s Not Always An Instant Change

Living sober does not always produce instant change. Where before when your spouse was irritable after a day’s work he could pour himself a glass of wine and release some of the tension, now the wine is gone and he’s still tense. You almost wish he could have a drink just so his mood would be better. Sometimes it gets better once he realizes he can’t hit the bottle anymore he starts to hit things like the treadmill, a yoga class or a hike.

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