An Addiction Therapy Program In Orange County Offers Alcoholism Treatment Including Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Addiction Therapy Helps

People drink alcoholic beverages for a number of reasons. For some individuals, the reason is because they cannot stop or abstain. These people are commonly referred to as alcoholics and they may never be able to change their habits without assistance. Alcohol addiction therapy refers to a treatment strategy designed to help people with this type of problem.
For alcohol addiction therapy to be successful, a person must first recognize that he or she has a problem. Although it may seem very obvious to observers, many alcoholics are unaware of their condition and believe that they are in control. Many people enter these programs due to pressure from others, or perhaps they are forced by threat of incarceration.

Alcoholism Treatment Is A Process

Alcoholism treatment is effective in many cases. Studies show that a minority of alcoholics remain sober one year after treatment, while others have periods of sobriety alternating with relapses. Still others are unable to stop drinking for any length of time.
Treatment outcomes for alcoholism compare favorably with outcomes for many other chronic medical conditions. The longer one abstains from alcohol, the more likely one is to remain sober.

Alcohol Detox May Be The Beginning

It’s important to have a basic understanding of alcohol withdrawal before undertaking a detox program. Some people believe they must get sober on their own before seeking help. This is a misconception. It can be very dangerous to withdraw from alcohol use on your own.  These are some factors to consider:

  • Alcohol detox generally takes 3-7 days.
  • Always detox under medical supervision, not alone.
  • An alcohol detox plan should be designed specifically for you.
  • Alcohol detox may include therapy and counseling.
  • Alcohol detox takes place at an addiction treatment center.
  • You can stay in touch with your family and friends during alcohol detox.