An Alcohol Detox Addiction Treatment Program That Offers Effective Addiction Therapy

Addiction Treatment Is The Beginning

Professional addiction treatment of alcohol and drug problems can start someone on the road to recovery, but a few weeks of treatment should not be mistaken for long-term recovery.
If you have severe alcohol and other drug problems, you should know that successful recovery from these problems involves significant changes over time in:

  • personal identity and beliefs
  • family and social relationships
  • daily lifestyle

Recovery is more than just not drinking or using drugs; it is about putting together a new and meaningful life in which alcohol and drugs no longer have a place. Recovery from addiction is not like getting over an infection for which we can rest and take medication for a week or two and then get back to our otherwise unchanged lives.

Addiction Therapy Is Key

Research is showing that drug addiction therapy that combines different approaches is often more effective than therapy that uses only one approach. When all is said and done, the ultimate cure for drug addiction will probably involve a combination of biological and behavioral treatments and social services. This approach of treating drug addiction by combining biological and behavioral therapies stems in part from studies showing that addiction is both a biological and a behavioral disorder. What science has taught us is that drug addiction is a result of an interaction between an individual’s biological vulnerability plus his or her experiences plus environmental factors plus, of course, drugs and alcohol.

How To Ensure Alcohol Detox Can Succeed

Alcohol detox can only succeed if it’s administered by people who know exactly what they’re doing. As obvious as that sounds, the unfortunate truth is that many of the most high-priced alcohol rehab facilities fail to devote sufficient resources to the alcohol detox process. This is unacceptable. In the end, no alcoholic or addict can expect to get sober without the help of an advanced alcohol detox program or medical detox program. Once this is achieved there will need to be a program in place to make sure the individual in therapy continues treatment.