Detox and Rehab FAQs

What are detox and rehab?

Detox is the process that cleanses the body of a substance that has been abused.  It begins when an addicted person stops using the abused substance continues until the most serious physical symptoms of withdrawal have abated.  Rehab refers to a rehabilitation treatment program that follows detox.  It may consist of outpatient counseling sessions several times a week or involved a residential treatment center where a recovering addict lives for several weeks or months.

How long do detox and rehab take?

Because each case of addiction is individual, there is no standard timetable for detox and rehab.  In general, rehabilitation should be thought of as at least a year-long process.  This doesn’t mean that a recovering addict must stay in treatment for an entire year, but he or she should have access to treatment resources for that period of time.  Once a year has passed, addiction recovery should be thought of as a life-long process.

Do detox and rehab really work?

Detox and rehab work best for addicted individuals who are committed to recovery.  There are many forms of treatment and some have higher success rates than others.  The best programs will provide a safe and humane environment for detox and rehab and equip the recovering addict with coping skills that can be used on a daily basis to avoid relapse.

What’s the best way to find a detox and rehab program?

There are a variety of ways to locate detox and rehab programs.  The Internet is a powerful tool for searching for treatment programs and finding out more about them.  Medical professionals and addiction support groups are good sources for treatment program recommendations.  When you’ve found a program that you’re interested in, visit the facility and find out more about their detox and rehab procedure.

Do detox and rehab only work when a person wants help?

It’s best to approach addiction treatment with an open mind, but that’s not always possible.  Many people enter a treatment program unwillingly following an intervention by family and friends.  They experience a life-altering change following detox and are able to that successfully complete rehab treatment.