Packing For An Addiction Center

Once you’ve decided to enter an addiction center you need to know what to pack. Though this may seem like common knowledge to anyone entering an addiction center you cannot back drugs or alcohol. You’d be surprised how many addicts go through the intervention process and agree to enter rehab but still empty out their shampoo bottles and fill them with alcohol. Some things addicts will bring into the rehab contain alcohol and they don’t even know it. Those things will be taken from them upon arrival.

Saying Goodbye Before The Medical Detox

Once you get to rehab you will be expected to enter a medical detox. This is the point where your loved one will drop you off, give you a kiss and a hug and say goodbye to your for three days. That’s how long the detox program typically lasts. It can last longer depending on the severity of the addiction but that’s about right. At that point you will not be allowed to interact with anyone, on the phone or in person. You will only interact with the staff involved in your detox process.

Bringing The Kids To Addiction Treatment Services

Once you sought out addiction treatment services and decided that you needed to get help in order for you to be the best mom or dad possible to your kids you will enter a thirty day program to get better. Some addicts don’t want to be visited by anyone during their recovery while other addicts want their family to come and visit them. There is a day where addicts will have certain members of their family come in to talk to them. That’s not really a day for young kids but if you teenaged kids had some things they wanted to say to their parent they could do that then.

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