Drug Abuse

Although medical experts are unable to conclusively determine what causes people to abuse drugs, there have been a number of explanations offered.
People use drugs for a variety of different reasons:
1. Some may begin using drugs as teenager because of peer pressure;
2. Some believe that it makes them seem more sophisticated or grown up;
3. Some think that using drugs is an expression of rebellion against their parents or society in general.
Recently, there has been a great deal of research into the likelihood of a biological influence. Advocates of this theory approach drug addiction as a disease, and point out evidence that suggests a genetic predisposition to drug abuse. Other theorists believe the behavior is learned solely from observing others, or that the use of drugs is somehow reinforced or encouraged by social relationships. In addition, a person’s belief systems or expectations about drugs may play a role in drug abuse.

What are the signs of drug abuse?

1. A person under the influence of an opiate such as heroin or morphine will have constricted pupils that will look like pinpoints or small dots.
2. A person under the influence of cocaine or speed will usually have glassy eyes and very large pupils. They may try to hide this condition by constantly wearing sunglasses or other dark glasses.
3. People under the influence of marijuana, pot, hash or hash oil will have irritated eyes and their eyes may be bloodshot or appear to have a dazed or expressionless appearance and will also experience dry mouth.
4. A person under the influence of LSD or other psychedelics will manifest glassy eyes and have a blank, vacant stare.
5. A person under the influence of depressants such as barbiturates or valium may have slurred speech, a stumbling gait, and droopy eyes.
6. An inhalant abuser may leave evidence of paint or glue on his face. They will have a runny nose and eyes and inappropriate drowsiness.