Family Intervention for Someone You Love

If you know someone who is suffering from alcohol or drug use, abuse, or addiction, you may feel like you are completely helpless and can’t do anything to reach him or her. It is certainly painful to have to watch someone losing control of his or her life. This can be especially true if the person is a not just an acquaintance or friend, but is a relative. A relative who is in the position of seeing a problem of alcohol or drug abuse may feel compelled to do something to help their loved one. In this circumstance, one or more relatives may consider staging a family intervention.
In its most simple form, a family intervention is when the relatives of a person suffering from alcohol or drug use, abuse, or addiction come together with that person to express their concerns. The meeting may also include the relatives suggesting treatment options, or offering other kinds of assistance or support. This kind of meeting can be helpful for many reasons. The main goal is to convince the person who is in the midst of their substance abuse to change their behavior, but it can also give concerned relatives a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment.
An intervention by family, if properly executed, may be an important first step towards treatment and eventual recovery for the person who is the focus of the meeting. The person suffering from drug use, abuse, or addiction is often not aware that they have such a serious problem. They are almost certainly unaware of the effect their behavior is having on their relatives, friends, and the other people they interact with. Thus the meeting with relatives may serve as a wake up call.
Once the decision to stage a family intervention has been reached, it is important to have it as quickly as possible. In the arena of drug abuse, and addiction, time is a critical element; the seriousness of the problem warrants fast and decisive action. A family intervention can be a life-changing event if properly executed. Careful planning and preparation of everyone involved can help ensure that the results are positive.