Gamblers Anonymous is a non-profit cost free meeting place for those that suffer from compulsive gambling addictions. Gambling addictions can ruin the lives of you and your family both mentally and physically. Life savings can be lost in the course of a single evening leaving families financially devastated. Even after completing the 12 Step program at Gamblers Anonymous, relapses are common. Even the smallest gambling bet for the smallest amount of money can lead to a full relapse into compulsive gambling.
Acknowledge the relapse. Relapses are common for any addiction, but ignoring the problem can lead right back to a full out compulsive gambling addiction. Even placing a small bet or throwing a quarter into a slot machine counts as a relapse, acknowledge that you’ve gambled, no matter how little.
Work up the willingness and motivation to change. Gamblers Anonymous promotes honest, open-mindedness and willingness in the compulsive gambling recovery program. Without wanting or being willing to receive help and make a permanent change, full recovery is not possible. Gain the will to change compulsive gambling habits for good without relapse.
Attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings again. Returning to a Gamblers Anonymous program must be done willingly. Go back to the program and seek advice from your peers. If needed, repeat the 12 Step Gamblers Anonymous program from the beginning.