Substance Abuse Treatment

Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment

What’s your drug of choice? Is it cocaine? Alcohol? Amphetamines? Opiates? Whatever you may be abusing, there is a specialized substance abuse treatment center that can help you. Because each type of addiction acts differently on the body, each type of detox must take a different approach. It’s a good idea, whenever possible, to choose a substance abuse treatment facility that specializes in your addiction.
Many facilities offer treatment for several different substances or for dual diagnoses. If a facility is listed in our resources under the particular substance you use, that means that it has particular knowledge and skills to treat that addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Different Types of Clients

Some treatment centers specialize in a particular type of client rather than a particular drug. You can find centers for men only and women only. Separation by gender is especially useful for women, since the issues that lead to abuse and the physical and social harm done by addiction are different for them than for men.
Specialization by age can also be very helpful, especially on the ends of the spectrum. Programs dedicated to adolescents and young adults offer a relatable peer group and can focus on the issues particular to that stage of life. Many also offer programs that are best suited to those who are younger, such as wilderness camps.
Senior citizens are particularly prone to alcoholism and prescription drug abuse. If painkillers are the substance being abused, as is so often the case in this age group, it’s useful to choose a facility that offers training in pain management. These tend to be holistic rather than twelve-step programs, and again, you can find them in our listings.