Is Marijuana Chemically Addictive?

If you ask around, you will undoubtedly find people on both side of the fence when it comes to the question of whether or not marijuana is chemically addictive. There are those who are convinced that marijuana does cause a chemical dependency. Others believe that users only become psychologically addicted to marijuana. Yet, current evidence… Continue reading Is Marijuana Chemically Addictive?

Discovering the Truth about Marijuana Use in Teens

Many parents of teenagers worry that their children might be using marijuana. After all, marijuana is by far the most commonly used illicit drug and is widely available. Unfortunately, marijuana addiction is an issue that impacts many teens. It is best to halt drug use at an early age before the habits are deeply ingrained… Continue reading Discovering the Truth about Marijuana Use in Teens

Marijuana and Getting Your Life Back

Using marijuana can be something that will keep you from getting sober in the future. This is a much abused drug and many people never stop using it their entire lives. In order to get the help you need you should understand that this drug can lead you to using more and more powerful drugs… Continue reading Marijuana and Getting Your Life Back

Marijuana Abuse

This article should help you understand if you are suffering from marijuana abuse. This drug is very popular and used by many individuals. Many people feel that they may not have an addiction problem with using pot or that it’s even addictive. The truth, like with any drug, a very strong habit can form that… Continue reading Marijuana Abuse

Quitting Marijuana

If you feel that you have a problem with using marijuana, then this article should be helpful for you. Outlined below are some different considerations to make in order to help you understand how to find treatment for this addiction. Like any drug, pot can create a very powerful bond between your mental and physical… Continue reading Quitting Marijuana