How to Distinguish between Sex Addiction and just Cheating

Is it cheating or sex addiction? This is the question particularly asked today, with more and more celebrities in the news. Making headlines for sexual indiscretions and heading off to sex addiction centers. Many remarks have been made that some of these folks might be hiding behind the title of sexual addiction to excuse their… Continue reading How to Distinguish between Sex Addiction and just Cheating

Sexual Addiction

Let’s Talk About Sexual Addiction Sex addiction is one of the least talked about and least understood of all addictions. This is mainly because of our society’s unwillingness to take a honest look at sexuality. However recently a more clearer understanding of sex addictions is being reached. [spacer size=”50″] Today the idea that someone could… Continue reading Sexual Addiction

Eating Disorders in Men

Understanding Eating Disorders in Men Of all the millions of people in the United States that are suffering from eating disorders, only 10% of that is men.  Eating disorders in men aren’t often associated with them because it has long been believed to be something that only effects women.  This just isn’t true.  Men do… Continue reading Eating Disorders in Men

Overcome Eating Disorders

How to Overcome Eating Disorders Once you or someone you care for is involved in an eating disorder, time is ticking away.  Their lives are at stake, just like if they were addicted to heroin.  Their bodies are going to slowly break down from the daily abuse of food.  They will die if help isn’t… Continue reading Overcome Eating Disorders

Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Drug Rehabilitation Facilities for Specialized Clients There are dedicated drug rehabilitation facilities for many types of specialized clients. When you are searching for a treatment center, you should first focus on finding one that treats addiction to your particular drug. Each type of addiction is different, and specialized treatments and procedures have been developed to… Continue reading Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Drug and Alcohol Rehab California

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for California Teens No one can honestly deny that adolescence is one of the most difficult times in a person’s entire life. There are issues of independence and identity to struggle with. Your body is maturing, bringing with it new emotions and new physical attributes to become accustomed to. Sex and… Continue reading Drug and Alcohol Rehab California

Drug Rehab San Francisco

The New Face of Drug Rehab in San Francisco There was a time when being in San Francisco meant wearing flowers in your hair and passing around a friendly joint. Unfortunately, those days of relative innocence are long gone, replaced by an epidemic of serious, dangerous drugs such as heroin, crystal meth and crack. Marijuana… Continue reading Drug Rehab San Francisco