Living Sober: Saying Goodbye To The Bad

Saying goodbye to the bad influences in your life is all part of living sober. That doesn’t mean that every person that is in your life needs to go. You can still have a lot of good people and good friends in your life even though you’ve decided to stop using drugs and alcohol. However, if there were people in your life post rehab that still abuse drugs and alcohol and that’s all they do when you see them then you need to not see them anymore if you truly want to stay sober.

Drug Addiction Center: When The Court Orders You To Go

Entering a drug addiction center when the court orders you to go doesn’t always result in sober living when you exit. Some addicts get busted drinking and driving. Either they get pulled over of they are involved in an accident. If it’s a first offense a lot of times the court will work out a deal where the addict can enter rehab and avoid jail time. While in theory this is a good idea. The addict avoids jail and gets to go to rehab and work on their problem, the addict doesn’t always want to go and therefore goes through the motions but doesn’t really learn.

Addition Therapy: One Step At A Time

Addiction therapy can be really beneficial to any addict that has decided to enter rehab and get help for their drug or alcohol problem. A lot of times an addict has become so overwhelmed by life, work, relationship that they only way they know how to deal with it is to drink or do drugs. Eventually they start to spiral downward and they can’t remember a time where they didn’t drink or do drugs to feel better about a situation or to avoid thinking about the situation entirely. Talking out their problems in therapy is something they’ve never done before and it works.

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