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    hi to all-

    a month ago today (nov. 8) i decided i would jump off my massive amount of prescribed pain medications. for those who dont ‘know’ me, ive had half a dozen failed surgeries on my leg as well as dealing with a newly diagnosed neurological condition that warrants and even promotes pain meds from some docs. anyway, long story short i decided that i was 1) terrified that one of my daughters would find me dead, 2) wanted to see if my endorphin system would do what its supposed to do and give me some natural painkillers back and 3) who the hell knows if the 600mg of oxy i took on a daily basis(prescribed always as i should) were aggravating my neuro issues and/or were killing me…physically and mentally. too many docs have said that @ those doses you could die anytime….doesnt matter how long you have taken them, you could be dead in the morning. it was all too much and i took the plunge-cold turkey and just jumped the hell off. i am proud…wait so proud of myself because my pain is definitely enough to make me insane but i dont wanna go back to that ****. i just wanted to say hi and let you all know who read this where i am now and you will likely see some desperate posts from me because i am having some struggles. take care all and thanks to those who knew of this ‘jump off’ and supported me endlessly….krissy

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