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    Hi everyone…..I am new to this…..well not new to addiction….I have been an opiate addict for 6 years…..I can’t believe I am saying this right now. I have hidden this from everyone. I am trying once again to quit for what seems like the hundreth time! My husband is also an addict and I have left him to try and get clean. I was so ready at first and so determined but I am really struggling right now. I am over the really really bad withdrawls…..but now the mental games have started. I ran into a person today that I normally buy from and he is going to the dr tomorrow. All I can think about is getting the pills…..I keep thinking if I do it I will throw away the 10 days and all the heartache of leaving my husband and this BS will start all over again. But the addiction is so strong!!!! Any advice????

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