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    Hi guys

    Just needed to come on here and post

    Nothing particularly ‘bad’ has happened other than it looking likely one of my rude, obnoxious (and at times funny and nice too) 19 year old step children is most likely going to be coming back to live with us.. after her pretty much not giving us the time of day (my husband says dont take it personally,remove myself from the emotional disappointment of her treatment of me and just accept she needs help) for the last year.

    Hubby and I are talking and working through stuff together

    But its not the end of the world, short term gap while she looks for another flat. While its not a terrible thing its really the only thing I can put my finger on that has triggered these feelings of depression, sadness, lethargy etc

    I’m probably also premenstural and I just feel like ****

    Tried calling my sponsor and two other women in the fellowship to no avail

    I dont want to throw myself into comfort eating, shopping – have asked God to soothe my sadness

    Could barely work today – (i work for myself thank goodness) so i just came home and have been working from home

    I guess these days happen in sobriety too?? I’m normally a pretty positive person so I guess just wanted to see how many of you guys also struggles with days where you feel down, lacking energy etc ???


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