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    Can crackheads stop smoking crack? Most would reply “Only when they are dead”.
    However, I can reply, Obama style. LOLOL
    YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s amazing, horrifying, weird, and sad that this time last year I was wasting my life away, smoking crack. Last night, when I was making dinner for my boyfriend, I was just thinking how odd that I USED to smoke crack. I USED to put scoring crack above all else. I USED to steal. I USED to lie. I USED to USE.
    And I am truly grateful I put the pipe down and that life behind me 10 months ago. I USED to think, when I first started trying to stop smoking, that 1 week or two weeks was FOREVER. But now, 10 months, and ONE day (LOL) has gone by SO FAST! HOLY COW!
    I wouldn’t trade, what I have now, for all the crack in the world. I was once asked if I could turn down a rock, if someone sat it in front of me, along with the pipe and lighter. I ONCE said I could not. Now, let someone get one and set it in front of me. Not only will I turn it down, but I’d smash the pipe and flush the rock. I want nothing. NOTHING, to do with crack.
    I want to tell my story and share with other former crack smokers, that YES, we can stop smoking crack. It takes a LOT. A WHOLE LOT of work. And we must be willing. But we can do it. And it’s so worth it.
    This is the best Christmas ever. It’s like having a first Christmas all over again. ONE I will REMEMBER!
    I may be poor. There will be very very very few presents under the tree. BUT, I’ve got life. I’ve got a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and the most amazing man I’ve ever met. And I got me back. It fills my heart with joy and my eyes with tears that I am back. My stubborn, bullheaded, opinionated, independent, loving, fierce, determined, kind, motherly, womanly, self back. Oh yes. It feels SO DARNED GOOD!
    And I love these little star guys!

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