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    I was just trying to remember when the last time in my life was that I went 100 days without a drink. It literally must have been somewhere in my teens. When I first started posting here I wrote about how heavy a beer drinker I was but that stage was only the last 5 or 6 years.

    My first drink was accompanied by a toke of pot at the tender age of 7, my first blackout was the age of 10 and I became a heavy every weekend drinker by the time I was 15. I think the last time I went 100 days without a drink may have been shortly before 15. By 20 I was drinking every day except for a brief period around 24 where I got this great idea that I was going to cut down, that only lasted about 3 months and I still drank on weekends.

    The sheer amount of alcohol I have consumed in my 40 years is astounding when I think about it. There were periods when I drank 20 plus measures of whiskey every night easy. My Bachelor pad Buddy and I would count shots together and I remember losing track after 20 and I may have hit 30 that night. I was 19 when this memory occurred.

    I also remember living alone about 10 years later and drinking a glass of milk every night before I went to sleep because I would wake up with stomach pains from the whiskey. This was around the time I switched to beer and I thought it was like I was quitting Alcohol even though I would down 8 to 10 beers now every night instead.

    25 years of a 40 year life and I cannot believe I lived to tell about it. Over the years I also inhaled gasoline fumes, smoked pot and deliberately hyperventilated to get off on passing out. Throw in some hallucinogenics for good measure and I should be so brain wiped that all I should be doing is Janitorial work. That I have a skill and a profession that I have excelled in all the while destroying myself is amazing to me.

    It’s like we gotta live for today cause we need to be thankful for tomorrow. I am one lucky man that I emerged unscathed from the damaging effects of substance abuse.

    Thank you to the 12 Step National Meetings Community for helping guide me straight and to anyone out there struggling with substance abuse, you are not alone.

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