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    Hey everyone!
    Just dropping by to share with everyone that I have 105 days today.
    I am sorry I havent been on here. I have stayed very busy since getting clean. My oldest child is 5 and is now active in sports, etc and with a 3 year old and an 8 month old and a husband who is a workaholic, I dont have a ton if time to get on here.
    Ive stayed clean by doing a lot of things. Mostly changing. Once I got out of rehab, I felt a freedom from pills. I knew I still had a lot of work to do, but the main thing was to maintian what I had been feeling and doing, and incorperating what I had been taught into my daily life.
    I was going to meetings daily, sometimes twice a day. After about 72 days of this, I mentioned to an NA friend that I had a glass of wine on my anniversary and got chewed out for collecting chips.
    So, that was quite a turn off. I still go to meetings, but not everyday.
    I feel really, really good. Its amazing, I dont even think about pills anymore. I genuinely dont. I no longer wake up with anxiety, never get deep bouts of depression. It has all been lifted.
    Thanks to everyone on here for helping me get my life and my family back. I had lost so much of me, and nearly everything, and because of this site, rehab, and hard work, Im on my way to sanity.

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