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    Well people, today is 13 months!

    My life is so much better now than it was a year and a month ago.

    It’s weird…i almost never think about getting drunk anymore but last night I had 2 drunk dreams that woke me up in a cold sweat. It scared the s#it out of me. I had the same dream twice.

    An it’s always the same one. I’m chugging bottle after bottle in this empty room when my wife and daughter walk in on me on my knees covered with burned cigerettes and thrown up booze. They look at me with such disappointment and I’m screaming at them to get out. The door shuts and I can hear them sobbing and l wake up.

    It took me a minute to realize it was just a dream, but God…..what a reminder of where I once was.

    So I spent the day in quiet reflection and I gave the wife and daughter an extra big hug when they came home tonight.

    So…I just wanted to say….
    You guys are always such a great source of inspiration and support and I wanted to express my gratitude for your friendship and wisdom. I’m so grateful for this place.


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