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    I think I may have made previous posts about this, but I’m just so grateful and bore thankful for the profound change in me that it bore repeating.

    Although I spent a couple years on and off in AA, I had figured I would do it “my” way. I didn’t need a sponsor, and meetings would be enough to keep me from drinking. Boy, was I wrong.

    2 months ago, I made the clear observation: I am powerless over alcohol. Quickly after that followed the “suggested” path of recovery… I got a sponsor, and we are going through the BB line by line.

    I pray every morning. I’m still wondering sometimes who’s on the other end of the phone, but I have enough faith that that will work itself out eventually. Even the act of prayer puts me in a good place emotionally and mentally to start my day from.

    I try to do some service every day: I call or text a few fellow alcoholics, attend a meeting, get together with my sponsor, or spend time here or in another recovery site hopefully learning something and helping out at the same time.

    I am happy. I mostly don’t miss drinking, and as my sanity returns, I can see all the situations in my life in which I drank; situations which were not very stressful or upsetting, etc… but they were good enough excuses to drink anyway.

    Wishing you all the serenity I feel at this very moment…

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