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    I had been reading this website a lot and it does help and i hope to get better and better as the days and weeks and months goes by. I understand the whole PAWS thing because I am feeling the affects. But basically i told myself I would start writing blog after blog and really participate. So i have been resting basically for the last 2 weeks, meaning no exercise or anything, but I have been watching a bunch of movies. I am going to go to the gym tomorrow as that has been a lot of advice i had been getting. But it is two weeks and I am just so dam sluggish, like super super lazy, and the thing is i have played soccer my whole life and always been a great track runner. But the last time I ran, has def been over two months. Well anyways, any suggestions on what i shud expect on myjourney back to re-learning the whole process of being me. A few days ago functionally i was a mess, but it is getting better. I just would do roxy’s non-stop all day but i wud always be doing sumthing and out and about and always clean. Now i am so lazy not to take out the trash and everything. Bascially I just need help on this hump or phase of soberness from pills, and am 21 yrs. home on spring break with sum time and i have been to one NA meeting and will continue to go.

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