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    I been addicted for about two years now and have always been active and functional on pills all day every day. That is what got me up and out and about. I was this way before the pills too, i just didn’t realize it til now. I thought about back in the day wen **** was all god and i didnt have to depend on sumthing, and am working back to that status. This recovery **** is a dam process and a half. I find myself with really low energy levels, but this week have been pushing myself thru it and forcing to go to the gym. I find myself teaching myself everything all over again. I am an athlete, or at least thought i was and since being clean certain things are harder to do, it is like im re-teaching myself everything. For anyone reading this, it is disappointing but thats wut this is all about. Going thru the struggle and getting each day done and complete and forcing yourself to do more and more. My best friend is almost a month and a half good, and has been working out a lot n has brought his energy levels up. So this is good news for me but i kno i still have to work at it and trust me i do get super sluggish n even doing a thing like cleaning is a task, but once again u must reteach yourself and find yur old and perhaps new motivations whatever they may be. Because once your mentally out of it, your body will not move which is key to all of this i think. IDK, im just saying what and how i feel, the warm weather has helped me a bit to go out and be active, but its crazy how even your sleep cycles have to adjust wen sober. Anyways, if anyone has any more advice or concern it wud be much appreciated. I am 21 years old and am battling day to day to get back to “normalcy” and am just trying to find the right ways about getting there. Open for anything n recently went to the city and enjoyed st pattys day and drank and had fun, but im keepin my drinkin down because im tryin to get my body lookin and feelin much betterr. Thanks for readingg.

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