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    Wow, that is an excellent list… thanks for the motivation Chip, and congrats on 2 years!


    Congratz Chip! Daily work receives daily results.



    @chip 1498725 wrote:

    Thanks for all the replys.

    I’m doing it one day at a time. Each day, I make a decision and I ask my HP for help. I pray for help to stay sober for 24 hours. Each night I thank my HP for a sober day. I try to go to at least 4 AA meetings a week. I’ve been trying to work the steps, and I admit, I need to kick back into gear to get my 4th step done.

    What has happened as a result of sobriety?
    – I now have a choice about drinking. I can actually choose not to drink…this is amazing for me becuase I didn’t have any choice left when I was drinking.
    – I have a relationship with God.
    – I’ve gained back my self esteem.
    – My mind seems to work better.
    – I’ve lost most of the crushing feelings of guilt, shame and remorse that hung over me like a dark cloud.
    – My health has improved dramaticly. No more bloody bowel movements. No more chest pains. No more gut aches. No more hangovers. I’ve only puked once in 2 years, and it was from a stomach flu. I could go on and on…..
    – I’ve recieved a federal pardon clearing my criminal record.
    – I’ve gained a great deal of respect from my boss and my collegues.
    – I feel more confident and ready to face challenges that come my way.
    – I no longer live in fear.
    – I am no longer alone, and I find great support in the rooms of AA.
    – I am emotionaly “there” for my children.
    – I no longer hurt my wife on a daily basis.
    – I have more money
    – My home business is doing well, and it was created after I quit drinking.
    – I can drive my car without worrying about being pulled over by the cops.
    – I can enjoy a beautiful day.
    – I can enjoy the beauty around me for what it is.
    – I’m beginning to find contentment and peace in my life.
    – I’m learing to accept reality and deal with the cards that have been dealt to me.
    – I’m finding that I can be happy.
    – I’m learing about my emotions, and how to deal with them.
    – I have solutions for problems that used to baffle me.
    – I’m starting to see life for what it is.
    – I’m following my consience and trying to be a positive influence in the world.
    – My emotional ups and downs are less drastic.
    – I no longer want to kill myself.
    – I can look at myself in the mirror, and love myself as a creature of God.
    – I can wake up in the morning, and deal with my day.
    – I’m no longer afraid to answer the door, face the world, answer the phone etc…
    – The crushing sense of impending doom is gone.
    – The future looks bright.
    – I can imagine myself following through with my goals.
    – I can be constructive rather than destructive.
    – I no longer do things that I’m ashamed of.
    – My words, thoughts and actions have all improved over time.
    – I’m getting better with my reactions to things that happen around me.
    – I’m learning acceptance and humility.
    – I’m beginning to see and accept myself for who I am.
    – I’m beginning to have the ability to identify things that have held me back.
    – I can work on myself to improve who I am.

    The list could go on and on…..

    The main point is that getting sober was the hardest thing I ever did….but it was the best thing I could have done. In early sobriety, I suffered and “white knuckled”. I came out on the other side, and things are pretty good these days.

    If I can do it, YOU can too. I was hopeless, and now things look pretty good.

    So what are the benefits?

    J/K. Did you get a two year chip? Sorry I have a cheesy sense of humour today.

    Congrats on your two years, that is amazing.


    It was good for me to re-read my list tonight. I don’t think as much about how long I’ve stayed sober anymore. I try to think about how I can be a useful person TODAY.

    I used to pat myself on the back for being sober. Today, I realize it’s just a matter of DOING WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING. This really dawned on me during this 3rd year of sobriety (yes, I’ll turn 3 this year). The novelty has worn off, and it’s become a way of life.

    Life has improved in all the ways I listed. I no longer live in fear. I know as long as I stay away from that first drink, I have power over my addiction. I don’t claim that this power come from me, but it comes to me from my HP.

    It’s great to be sober. Thanks for bringing this thread back to the surface for me to reflect upon.


    Sept 24th was a special day for me.

    I’ve been blessed with 2 years without a drink. Today, I have no desire to drink and that is a miracle.

    It was here, on 12 Step National Meetings, where I first reached out for help. It was here, on 12 Step National Meetings, where I was encouraged to make a real change in my life. It was here, on 12 Step National Meetings, where I found courage and hope. Thank you all for helping me.

    By the grace of God, I am sober. God has removed the chains of my addictions. God has re-created me into a useful and productive citizen. My life has been saved from perpetual misery and suffering.

    If you are new to sobriety, or if you are thinking about getting sober….

    It is possible to recover. People are recovering from alcoholism every day, one day at a time. If I can do it, you can do it. I was as hopeless as anybody could be. I truly believe that I was touched by a miracle. God’s grace has saved me from me.
    peace be with you,


    Very cool, congrats 🙂


    :wow: Chip!!

    Well Done and Congratulations on your 2 years!



    Nice Chip, congratulations!


    Congratulations Chip! :You_Rock_


    I am so pleasled for you Chip. Thanks for giving us all hope.



    Congrats on 2 years Chip, please share with us how you have stayed sober for 2 years.


    Hey Chip! 2 years!!! :cheer





    Well done you!!!!!


    Happy Birthday, Chip!!

    Keep Coming Back….your wise words have helped me, and certainly countless others here on 12 Step National Meetings 🙂



    happy 2 sober years anniversary chip.

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