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    Dear Recovery Family,

    I don’t post here much (sex addict, too…mostly internet hook-ups….so no internet for me usually).

    I came here 2 years ago, getting clean off IV whatchagot (H, dilaudid, MSO4 mostly). I had a pretty bad kick. This place really helped me not lose my mind completely. Thank you for that.

    I had a treatment plan in the beginning and, for the most part, still follow it to this day. Essentially I don’t use, go to meetings 4-5x/week (yes, AA/NA works for this atheist), work the steps with a sponsor, and sponsor others.

    I have a life today that is beyond description. My living hell seems so long ago….BUT, I remind myself in my daily meditation that I am AN ADDICT and will always be either moving toward using or away. I have a choice today – to not use one day at a time.

    Again, thank you for being here for me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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