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    Today is my 2 years sober birthday and it feels…kinda anticlimactic.

    And even if I will always remember my sober date, today was just a regular day. It wasn’t particularly great, nor was it particularly bad. And this is good. It means that sobriety has become a lifestyle and identity. It means a sense of normality and peace to me.

    My life hasn’t become perfect. Life just isn’t. But I can enjoy the good parts again, and I can deal with the bad parts.
    There are still days where I feel sad about the wasted years and opportunities and I worry that my drinking years still affect my present. But most of the time I’m confident that it will sort out too.
    I am grateful for these two years of sobriety, and I’m happy and proud that I made it this far. I’m really glad that there are pepole care, who love and support me. I’m glad that I could do the same thing for others.

    So yes, nothing spectacular to see, no excitement, but that’s absolutely fine with me ;P
    Peace, Lionne

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