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    Today is my 25th wedding anniversary.

    We have had a good run… Thankfully my downward spiral was only in the last 2-3 years and I was not abusive, just isolating…. which, of course, is bad enough…

    My intervention took place a year ago on our 24th… I began recovery a week later.

    It’s been a tough year… as my wife puts it, that’s a gross understatement. She didn’t know about the pills until that day a year ago… followed 2 months in rehab, lots of consequences…

    I don’t want our marriage and our 25th anniv. defined by my recovery… we go back a long way… there is so much good… but in some ways, it can’t be helped. It would have been nice if it all hadn’t happened… a nice story book anniversary would be nice… but I guess that only happens in storybooks…

    We go away for a couple of days this weekend. It’ll be nice. My recovery has progressed nicely and it no longer has to define who I am and more importantly, we are.


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