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    Hello Friends! Well in a couple of days it will be 3 weeks sober and feeling alittle better every day and have no Cravings at all,just the usual anxiety and can’t sleep very well,but it will get better. Thanks for your support!

    This is alittle out of place,but thought I would share.
    In trying to put my life back together,which included a change in employment,today I went for my interview and to seal the deal,pass the drug test. Well I have been on a Benzo for quite a few years and of course it showed up. I have been under my Doctors care with the med and honest about my 7 years of drinking,which is now in my past. To keep this short! The employer nor the place I went to asked if I was taken any meds. So now the u/a goes to the lab and the company put me on hold for starting the job of course,and they said they would call in a couple of days. Yes I have a prescipt for the med, and I am wondering if I should go ahead and have my Doc Fax something to the company or just wait and see if they actually call me back. It should not be a problem in reality,but it just sucks that somehow they will find out most everything about you. I just don’t need any setbacks right now and fill like a pill head that got caught.
    Anyhow,thanks for listening and any input on this is welcome.

    Thanks 12 Step National Meetings,


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