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    yeah 3 weeks today I’m looking alot better, not puffy and bloated anymore, lost a few kilos, my wallet fatter but missing the alcohol. I’m not craving it or even wanting a drink just need something to lift me in social situations.

    I haven’t socialized at all with my friends since I got sober. I have social anxiety and without the booze I have no confidence. Don’t feel like going out and I’m single so talking to the opposite sex is impossible in my sober state.

    At the same time I think it is great that I’ve made a decision to not drink and live a better life because I know drinking isn’t the answer…..I’m torn at the moment…. this sux.

    I go to see the doctor to get into rehab next week. Maybe I’ll be transformed into a more confident person while I’m there…who knows….one day at a time and I’ve chosen not to pick up that first drink tonight and that is all that matters.

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