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    Hello 12 Step National MeetingsC –
    I hope everyone had a GREAT Holiday – I apologize for not being in better contact the last couple of days – Each day seems to get better & better and I find once 8pm rolls around & I have done all that needed to be completed for the day & I just crash & sleep like I have never slept before 🙂 – I would just like to post a little update and thank everyone here for their support, there were many times this was the only place I could go where I felt “understood” – so really THANK YOU

    Today is 31 days clean for me. After 7 years of strong opiate use / abuse I can say I am CLEAN – I never thought I would be able to say that, I thought I was going to live & die taking pills – I feel great gratification that I can wake up and remember all those small little details that always seemed to get lost before while I was using – I no longer feel weak & lethargic, I have the energy & mental state to do just about anything – Now this is not to say I dont have my “moments”, but I am learning how to work through those – when I was using & I started to feel anxious or overwhelmed I would just take a pill (or 5 or 6 ) & 45mins later all my problems would disappear & now I am learning how to acknowledge those feelings, work through them & without going into a full blown panic attack – so anyways I just wanted to let others know that they too can do it. I did not ever go in to a detox center – I had just made up my mind that I was DONE & with the help of family I was able to get off a daily habit of 200mgs+ of Morphine & Oxycodone cold turkey – It was no “walk in the park” but TODAY it was all worth it

    Thank you again 12 Step National MeetingsC & all those who reached out to me with their support & encouragement – I have a reason to stay sober , when before I had EVERY reason NOT to stay sober, it was just easier to use – Thank you again & I look forward to staying in touch & I hope my story can help out others like you all have done for me – I could not thank you enough
    <3 TC

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