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    Well I see a lot of threads about anniversaries. Four months means no new chip for me–which is cool–so I just thought I would mention it on these forums. Still defiantly in early days. But dealing with my addictions seems to be getting a lot easier. Last two days I have had 2 thoughts of drinking each lasting no more than ten minutes. The first couple months of sobriety a drink was my waking thought. Now I think about how to get to school in the morning–you know like someone who is vaguely sane. 🙂
    I remember someone saying in a meeting that when she hit four months she finally felt like she had accumulated some time. I guess I can kind of relate. Its my nature to be real hard on myself… yeah yeah 30 days yeah 90 days… Its been hard to give myself credit for the sobriety I’m accumulating.
    Newcomer tonight in meeting. A few good shares from the group, but for the most part the same old complaint fest… So I spoke up. I tried to talk about the hope of the program. For the first time when addressing a newcomer I felt like I was speaking from the heart when discussing the serenity that I have experienced.
    Still know that its early days. Must continue to be vigilante. But I just wanted to thank everyone on these forums… your support as well as working the steps has given me a measure of ease I couldn’t have imagined 4 months ago.

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