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    its four months no drinking for the bald guy

    its/was would of been ?? my daughter Natasha’s birthday on the 5th of october i have never got through this day sober before but this time i’m gona make it without drinking ,every year i have just got smashed to shut out the pain of her death but not this year i’m staying sober no matter how bad i feel and i’m gona do it in her memory

    i get my lab report back on the 7th and i’m hoping i will get a clean bill of health

    i have decided i’m not going to drink this chrimbo at all not a sip

    everyone is saying stuff like come on its gona be christmas etc i’m always amazed how much me being sober really gets up every one elses nose :c004:

    the amount of people that say they cant wait till i drink again is really amazing thanks for the support guys lol

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