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    42 days sober today. Have no desire to drink. I think doing it for myself and seeing how the booze was destroying my mind and body was motivation for me to stay sober. I know I cannot drink again and moderation never worked. Im content in my life I’m handling everything better. I have more confidence in myself more than ever now than what the alcohol ever gave me. I never thought that I would feel this way. Anti-deppressants have helped me to take control of my life which was very miserable existance. I know longer have the urgent need to escape from reality with an alcohol fix. This day, this hour, right now I have the power to choose not to drink. My life is not perfect but am enjoying it more and more everyday. I use this forum as a tool to my success. If I have an issue I sought it out or go to the doctor. I have the strong support of my friends and family. I consider myself in recovery.

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