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    12/30/10 was a day like so many others I had in the past. No I didn’t get a DWI or arrested. It was the usual day of starting to drink wine in the early afternoon and by dinner time I was drunk. My son got home from school and immediately went in the basement to play his video game. I still remember the look of disappointment in his face. Around 8pm I went to bed and my adult daughter put my son to bed later. I tossed and turned all night and in the morning, got up and felt like death. Again…. like so many other days. I made the decision to stop the madness on 1/1/11. I had enough. I was fat, bloated, unhealthy and unhappy.

    That day seems so long ago. My life has changed so much for the better. I’ve lost 25 pounds by regular exercise and a healthy diet. My family life is so much calmer. My kids no longer have to see their mom drunk. My boyfriend and I have a much better relationship. My business has been doing well and I’ve taken 2 vacations without drinking. The one last week was at an all inclusive resort with all of the FREE wine I wanted but it didn’t even interest me.

    I just wanted to share my journey thus far with anyone that is just startiing their road to sobriety and feel like they don’t know how they will ever live without alcohol. That was me. Read motivational books, mediate, choose healthy alternatives to alcohol. The first time you do something sober it can be awkward, but it gets easier.

    Wishing you all the best. It is soooo worth it to hang in there.

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