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    Hello fellow sobriety pilgrims,

    I haven’t posted or even lurked in quite a while. Life is busy and focused elsewhere, but that’s good I guess.

    What’s keeping me from drinking? Oh yes, I still get the occasional strong urge to “relax” with that tumbler full of golden, smooth, Canadian Velvet on ice.

    I was looking back at an entry from Aug 13 in my journal: “Praise God (my hp) as the momentum and healing continue. I continue to be impressed with the intertwined relationship of alcohol abuse and other abuses. Give up the one, and the others become manageable.”

    That is what has been keeping me sober. Fits of un-managed anger, or lust, or womanizing, or irresponsible internet behavior… Being sober means these other monsters loose much of their power. And, not indulging in them, takes pressure of needing to drink. The vicious cycle.

    Thanks for letting me share,


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