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    Hi folks,

    Haven’t been here in a while but wanted to give an update to the folks who’ve helped me get to the 5 month mark.

    I’ve told ALL my drinking friends I’ve been without alcohol since 18 July.
    My closest friends understand and are glad they’ve got a willing & able designated driver. However, my casual acquaintances “mock” my abstinence and wish to fill my cup with a “real” drink.

    My relationships with my wife and 2 teenagers have improved drastically – no more mood swings OR snapping at the smallest, truly insignificant mishap.

    I’ve also reached the point where I tell myself, “I don’t drink anymore”.

    Now all of this is great BUT I must admit, there have been a few times when I had a medium-to-strong urge to drink. I’m convinced it will always be there but it’s definitely easier to handle now.

    I can sum up in one word how I feel – peaceful…..

    Thanks for reading and stay strong.

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