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    Well the baby will be here (ready or not) in 5 weeks. Ive been reading up trying to prepare myself for PPD. I think I need to start going to therapy again. The dust clearing from getting clean has allowed me to evaluate myself in a different way. It is AMAZING that I was so addicted to pills that the day I found out I was pregnant I was unable to quit. I assumed it would be easy. I never thought the “tapering” and excuses would drag out as long as they did during my pregnancy.
    I keep getting reassured from various people that even though I was taking the vicodin for a good part of my pregnancy that since I wasnt taking copious amounts that the baby should be ok. Really though I feel so bad about it. Its like HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!
    I was absent from 12 Step National Meetings for almost 2 weeks because my grandmother died and I had to go to Cleveland. This was very difficult for me. She was truly one-in-a-million. 94 years old and still said the rosary every day. I feel so alone and lost without her. She was the most generous and funny person.
    Thanks for listening.

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