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    Hi All,

    Havent been in touch for a few days just in case everbody was sick of me.

    Anyways 7 Weeks today, seen doctor yesterday after crap about last appt (when Nurse wasnt sure why i was there and eneded up with 2 nd kidney blood test)

    He must of thought i was mad, went in with my note pad and said ” gave up drinking 15th July i came to doctors for 1st time a week later, told doc at that time of my daily drinking, withdrawls and anxiety. He recommended Blood Tests.

    2nd time seen diff doc as 1st doc was on hols, Told this doctor of Headaches/Pulse, Twiching anxiety etc. He explained only that liver was high.
    did recommended anything for anxiety as it was addicitive. come back in month for more blood tests.

    3rd Time,same doc as last time, this time just turned up as i was feeling down still not eating properly (20 days by now) anxiety,headaches/pulse aches and pains and twitching still told withdrawals and your body is going through big changes, still didnt give me anything for anxiety/stress

    4th time (33 days sober) after coming back from a few days away, Twitching, headaches aches & pains and anxiety still there, this time seen a different doctor and finally gave me something for anxiety, he still said same thing that the withdrawals (even after 33 days) and mind and body will take time to get better.

    5th Blood tests turned up nurse didnt know why i was there and also for what test, explained my problems (liver had been high) and she said found some note saying it was a kidney test (worried me as kidney was never mentioned in last result). Seen first ever doc while i was there again to get some more tablets for anxiety told him i was still having headaches and twitching, but was more concerned about addiction to tablets, walked out really PI…. O..

    6th Time (48 days sober) once again eplained my main concern being anxiety, twitching and Headaches/Pulse. He explained that my body has been put through a lot and to give it time, i did mention my concerns etc but his best advise was to try not to worry and slowly reduce amount of tablets i was taking. i explained about the blood test mix up and that i had never been told the results in full, so the doctor finally took the time and explained the following.

    Full Blood Count Test was fine,

    Urine Test was fine

    Kidney Test was fine (applogised for mix up and having 2nd test and couldnt explain what had happened)

    Liver Test is tested for 6 seperate things (not sure what) however 5 of mine were ok and 1 came back with a reading of 100(obviously alcohol) which is double what the expected average 50 should be, he said not to worry as he had seen cases of people with over 800 (and been ok) in results. He said we would do another test in a month or so and with a bit of luck would start returning to normal and would like to see me again in a month.

    After my last 7 weeks i have decided and now set up private medical care as i am not overly happy with my treatment and fully understand that i have to accept certain parts of my condition and illness, however the time and support shown hasnt been the best in my opinion. i know 7 weeks after 10 years or more of daily drinking wont go away instantly but unless you have been through something like my 7 weeks it hard to compare to anything.

    I still have my concerns, odd twitching, headaches/pulse and aches and pains, i also pray every night that tomorrow will be that little bit easier.

    Sorry to go and i wish everybody the best of luck.

    Look forward to replies.


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