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    I am celebrating 6 months sober! If feels amazing and tomorrow I am going with a friend to get my 6 month chip, part of me feels kind of bad because I am not actively in AA but I am looking forward to being in a room where people will know the struggles of the accomplishment, I have no chips so this will be special to me.

    Ironically the friend I am going with is somebody that I used to see at parties in the same college town. The only time I would see her his when there was a party with lots of drinking, now she is 9 months sober and we are both on the same journey, small world! I think that we both have lost those friends we used to party with all the time.

    In these past 6 months I have been reflecting on my accomplishments big and small….

    -Enrolled in night classes and have just finished my first semester of night school with an A- & B+

    -Acquired a girlfriend who does not drink and is majoring in the same subject as me

    -Have not called in sick to work once in the past 6 months

    -Started taking Judo early on Saturday mornings along with my jiujitsu training.

    -Learned who my “real” friends are

    -Started investing my money that I am saving from not drinking

    -Always take my vitamins and exercise at least three days a week

    -Went deer hunting with my uncles, step-dad and little brother, something I have not done in years due to choosing to party with my friends instead

    -Joined 12 Step National Meetings and found a solid support group

    -and countless other tiny things like eating breakfast everyday and not throwing up 🙂

    Thank you to everyone on here, hearing and sharing similar thoughts has been a big part of my recovery process.

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