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    Six months coming up and on the anniversery of my last pill I will be running a 5k race. I have four 5K races planned and a 10k this summer. Was about 208 lbs at the end of using the oxy and out of shape, now I am a nice ripped up 181. I can see my abs again and I can lift as much weight as ever!

    CFC, I had a huge NIT softball tournament and went 5 and 0 and won it.

    Things are great, I feel great….physically and mentally. I even got my friend who was bad on them (worse than me) to quit and yesterday he went to the gym with me for the first time in two years.

    6 months and I kicked the crap out of this thing. But honestly, it never stood a chance and I told everyone here that since week 2.

    Many of my doubters here became supporters. Many people have found encouragement and motivation from me and appreciate all those PMs guys and girl. People began to realize that I wasn’t BSing and I wasn’t just typing to type….I meant what I was saying. It was to the point, no nonsense and old fashioned and it worked.

    To this day, NO ONE will ever quit with out good old WILL POWER! Find support too (the gym, 12 Step National Meetings, NA, AA) if you want, but bottom line is buckle down and do it!

    I can’t wait fr this summer!

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