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    I need to kick this. I’ve been taking 60mgs of Oxycodone for about 2 months straight all at the same time. 9pm on the dot I would take 2 30mg pills orally. I was debating on tapering the dose down. Any advice? Also, I have 4mgs of Suboxone. There is no chance of seeing a doctor. Has anyone gone through this? I tried not taking it for 2 days. What happened was about 40-48 hours in, I literally couldn’t stop going to the bathroom for 8 hours. I broke down and took 2. Not even 20 minutes later and I was back. I’m really scared and need to talk to someone. I curse the day I called my friend for some marajuana and he only had this. I’m so upset with myself. Please help… I’m in a bad way right now. I’m high on 60mgs of Oxy and I’m not enjoying it. I’m so upset with myself right now. :c020:

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