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    Hi. Wow. I do not usually have this hard a time being able to write. Interesting. I need to give my gratitude to all of the people on this forum. I found you guys doing a search on opiates withdrawals Sunday morning and have literally been reading posts since then. It was a lifeline that I held on to like you wouldn’t believe. I laid in different parts of the house where I could keep my phone plugged into the wall and keep reading. LOL. I finally slept for about 3 hours this morning and felt ready to tackle the registration process! I am very obviously addicted to Reprexain. It is the ibuprofen instead of tylenol based form of Vicoden. On Saturday when I quit I was at 20 10’s a day. I have been on them since 2001. Until about a year and a half ago I NEVER went over my 4 times a day prescription. I have physical issues that warrant drugs but not the way I started using them. What started the increased dosage was a MRSA infection I developed after a breast biopsy. The only way I could do my wound care was by chewing two or three before changing the packing out everyday. The wound took 8 months to heal and by then there was no going back. I knew I was going to run out on Saturday and made the decision to not pick up my refill. I am sick of what I have turned into. I function and I survive but that is not any kind of life. I am a mom that is always volunteering, I am a dog trainer that works with a BIG dog rescue group, and I am a wife of 14 years. What a freaking joke. I am a zombie that manages to fake my way through all of that. I am over it. I want to feel what I am faking. My head is clearing and I am ashamed of what I see around me. A dirty home, lies told to family and friends, and self destruction. So if it is okay with you guys can I hang around here a bit? I am starting to research some alternative pain control methods like accupuncture. I cannot take the pain meds the way they are prescribed anymore so I will not be taking them at all. That is my goal.

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