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    Seven months sober and working still on step two. I got myself a book Women’s way through teh 12steps and its workbook and my chosen sponsor is a devout christian who does not judge and I feel very close to. Closer then to my partner when it comes to exposing my most intimit horribly inmoral things I did. In any case I had a very rough week with my DUI court case coming up next Friday. I got charges for it in September last year and it has been postponed once due to me being in rehab, then the second time because the wanted the police guy who charged me to be there, so here I am …… ON Wednesday I went to my ussual Drug and Alcohol group session at my rehab clinic which is for outpatience and it prooved to be very good, somedays if feels like a waste of time, but this time a new girls was there who talked about getting convicted for DUI three times in three years (and I thought finally someone who is in a similar situation and maybe much more worse of then me as to what the outcome for her could be………. Since then I feel less anxious or nervouse about the courtcase and I am not to sure why….. Apart from that all else is on track just really hard travelling to work and back with two little kids 2 and under without a car, but nothing I can do. Have been without a license now for 9 months since they took it straight off me when they charged me…. I have three psychologist reports whcih I hope will help me to get a lesser charge…….

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