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    Hey all,

    I haven’t been on here in a while but thought I would share my tale with those of you in realitivly new sobriety in the hopes that it will help you in your moment of weakness. I had been doing quite well of course living in a sober living home for six months helped greatly. I can’t really blame it on my circumstances but I now know that the drastic change I made definatly did not help. I got a great new job in Texas and had talked with my ex about there plans to also move here which is the reason I moved here. I didn’t expect to find a job so quickly but the move went well and the job is great. My fiance is also planning a move here and it could be very soon as she is in the last interview for a great job.

    So everything is going great right? Well it would if I had kept up the same intesity of meetings sponsor stepwork etc. I didn’t I slacked and within a few weeks I had to go to the Dr. for legit reasons and the thought dawned on me after my appointment I could easily get some vicodin which I did a week later. I also visited a few E.R.’s in the area before I came to my senses. My relapse only lasted a month or so and I was no where near the intake I had left off with over 7 months ago.

    I am greatful that I have enough of the program to stop before I got totally out of control. I have shame and guilt and the “i don’t want to tell anyone” attitude but I will share with people today at A.A. call my sponsor back where I moved from and let him know and pick myself up and move on. I am very dissapointed in myself that I did not stay vigilan, it was the 2nd longest I had been sober in my adult life I had 9months white knuckeling it before.

    I have no desire to share any of this with my ex or my current fiance at least not now, I will tell them at some point in the near future. So I humbly start over with new resolve and ask that if you read my story really think before you give in to that desire it is so much better on the other side of where I am right now. Stay strong everyone!

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