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    I am so thrilled today. I have been sober for eight days! The last three days were horrible days at work but I made it.
    I kept rewarding myself a little bit each day, which gave me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Then the reward was so enjoyable I went to bed happy and slept very well, got up the next day ready to roll.
    One night I found some beautiful rainbow trout fillets and had a terrific dinner, one night I enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing lavender bath, once I was allowed to leave work early (too much overtime) and spent the afternoon and evening updating my recipe book and shopping for herbs and spices…etc., etc.
    I feel great! My job still drives me nuts, nothing is ever perfect, but when you cut booze out of the equation, suddenly things really aren’t so terrible any more.
    Sure there are difficulties and issues. But I’m up to them now. It’s a whole lot easier to deal with them now.
    I framed my DWI arrest sheet and hung it on the refrigerator, with a little sign that says “Celebrate Sobriety” over it. Every time I see that sheet there I get a terrible pang inside me. Good – I need to remember that.
    My goals for the future in sobriety is just this: I want to be able to say “Day whatever of sobriety” the next day.

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