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    I have 83 days today but for the last couple of days have really been finding myself wanting to drink. I’ve had toughts over the last 80 days but haven’t had this strong of an urge to drink since around day 30 (which was also memorial day weekend). I’ve been exercising, reading, laundry, grocery shopping, etc and I take my mind off drinking for awhile but then go right back to the toughts.

    I have tried several aa meetings but its not for me so calling a sponsor isn’t an option. Just wondering if I’m. Alone here? And if not what do you do when you. Get these thoughts/cravings??

    Also- loaded question here – I see an addictions counselor as part of my aftercae from iop. I told him about my cravings and how I was concerned and what does he do but schedules my next appointment for 3 weeks (I had been going weekly). I think this seems weird and am considering not going back because I feel like his is the one time I need him and he isn’t making time for me, any thoughts?

    Thanks everyone for reading! I don’t post a whole lot but I read sr everyday and it has really helped me make it to 83 days!

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