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    Let us remember all… the day when 9/11 happened… what we were doing, and let us be happy we are alive… *just posting this in respect of what 9/11 is about*.

    Regarding my location at 9/11… I was asleep at the time. Well, I was. o_O;. I awoken at like 9:20am or 9:30am, in my fully set red cotton suit I always wore when I went to bed, back when I had long hair, was like 15/16 years old… my stepfather saw me and said “Come with me” and we went to a tv and I saw this horrible image on the television of a building in smoke and he said to me…

    “The United States of America have been attacked by terrorist forces.” I know it sounds really friggin military/blunt way to put it, which is the only funny thing about it how he said it but it was so true. I don’t remember much of the rest of the day though.

    We’ll never forget. Also I’m on day 88 no booze without AA.

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