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    I have finally realized that the next time I drink, it could be my last. I don’t mean the next beer or even the next drunk night but the next several month long binder. In the last week of drinking I fell down at least three times and had bruises from each. My last night I was on the phone with 2 friends who have recovered and the helped give me hope, although I polished off 20 beers and tripped over a pile of lumber resulting in a huge bruise on my side. The good note is that it could have easily been my head.

    Just in 9 days my mind has cleared, my body is healing, my spirit is high and I no longer freak out over the minor details in life. You know the ones that are so small they are not even noticible to many but huge to an alcoholic, like a meaningless comment at work or getting stopped in traffic.

    As a previous competitive swimmer in youth and college, I have resumed for recovery. I have been attending regular lap swimming “meetings” and logged about ten miles in the last nine days. Not bad for someone who just a little over a week ago could not go more than two days without getting plowed.

    I know that replacing one addiction with another is not the long term answer but for now at least this addiction is healthy.

    I just wanted to ramble about my short time of success so thanks for listening.

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