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    On the way to an AA meeting today, a friend asked why I paid so much for an attorney for a DUI. (first and only)

    When I got home, I took out my DUI file from 2 years ago and read over all of the papers. There was a piece of paper in there from the law enforcement dept detailing everything I said to the police officer.

    It was not pretty. I called him everything from a fu*** a**hole to a sorry jerk. I told him I could not believe he was arresting me, that I was too important. (yikes) I kept on asking him if he was sure he was arresting me.

    I am embarrassed and ashamed. I can’t believe I acted that way. I know I acted in a like a selfish, rude jerk to my husband for a long time too.

    It is astounding to me how much alcohol changed my personality. It really took me over and I was out of control. I didn’t even think of all of this when I was doing step 1. I knew and acknowledged that I was powerless, I am just really seeing to what extent this is true.

    I just wanted to say all of this to admit that not only am I an alcoholic, but also that I was a belligerent drunk.

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